Current Research Interests

Recent Publications

Chellappoo, A. (2022). When can cultural selection explain adaptation?. Biology & Philosophy, 37(1), 1-23.

Chellappoo, A. (2021). Contrasting Narratives of Race and Fatness in Covid-19. History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, 43(4), 1-24.

Chellappoo, A. (2021). Cultural evolution: A case study in global epistemologies of science. In Global Epistemologies and Philosophies of Science (pp. 208-219). Routledge.

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In Progress

Some topics I'm currently working on:

  • how concepts/categories of race and fatness are constructed and deployed in postgenomic science (including epigenetics & microbiome research)

  • how racial classifications/ontologies appear in medicine across geographic/national contexts

  • the value of feminist philosophy of science beyond analyses of gender biases in science

  • the role of philosophy in and for public health 

I am particularly interested in knowledge production within the fields that make up "obesity" science: how epistemic and non-epistemic values shape the inferences, methodologies and conclusions in this area, how these knowledges perpetuate anti-fatness, and the associated epistemologies of ignorance.

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